We can't recommend building with Ronnie and Kathy Leggitt highly enough.  This is third house we've built (in three different states) and the process was absolutely painless.  More importantly, Ronnie and Kathy took the time to really get to know us which allowed them to suggest and incorporate special details throughout the home to really make it our own.  Ronnie's designs are beautiful, functional and he uses the highest quality of materials.  Kathy's finishing touches and decorating skills make each home truly special.  During the course of our building project, I had the opportunity to meet many of their past clients and the warmth and admiration that the homeowners display toward Ronnie and Kathy speaks volumes about the quality of their homes.  Finally the mutual respect between Ronnie and Kathy and their high quality crew was evident throughout the building process.  The workmanship is exceptional, the pride of everyone involved shines through in the final product.  These testimonials were an important factor when we were deciding upon builders we are thrilled with our home and know you will be, too.

 Tom and Vicki Dickinson 2011


We consider it a blessing that we met Kathy and Ronnie Leggitt when we were seeking a new place to call home. Having lived in many different homes, five of those being custom built, we had definite ideas and options that we wanted to incorporate in a new home. We quickly surmised that Ronnie and Kathy had the knowledge, skill and attention to detail that it takes to build a beautiful, high quality home. Kathy and Ronnie were willing to listen to our ideas and find a way to make them workable. We were 2,000 miles away during the construction of our home in Windsor Falls. Our trust was well placed with Kathy and Ronnie Leggitt and their crews as we are very happy with our new home. The Foeges


Building a new home with Ronnie and Kathy Leggitt has been, by far, the best construction experience I have ever been a part of in my 30 year career as an interior designer. Their quality of workmanship, organization, and punctuality made the process such a pleasure that I only wish I needed another house built. The Darnells  


Ronnie and Kathy took a house and made it our home! They took the time to really listen to what it was we were hoping for and they found a way to make it happen.  We will forever be grateful to them for our beautiful home. 

The Morrisons


Since I’m an architect, I visited the construction site of our home almost every day.  All construction projects encounter some issues, yet ours were minor.  When I occasionally mentioned something, Ronnie Leggitt responded quickly, and, in every instance, corrected the problem.  We asked for a few optional design elements for our home, and Ronnie exceeded our expectations in every way.  In my opinion, this verified what I had found earlier when I visited other Oxford developments and assessed the construction.  I didn’t locate another new subdivision with homes built better than the ones constructed by Ronnie.

Christine and I have and will continue to recommend Ronnie to anyone who asks or who is looking for a home in Oxford.  It’s rare to find a truly excellent home builder.  Perhaps, it’s because he has Kathy, his wife, as a partner.  She effectively handled the real estate matters and caringly shared her encouraging words and insights with us.  It was absolutely a wonderful experience to work with Ronnie, Kathy, and their whole crew!

I’m reminded of a quote I learned years ago which says, “Work well done once is well done always.”  Ronnie and Kathy reflect this, and we thank you for our wonderful home!

The Spains


We owe Ronnie & Kathy the biggest thank you for the beautiful home that they built for us. What greater gift could someone give than this perfect home to start our new life together.

Jillian & Richie